Created Jun 15, 2014

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Truly, I have one thing to bring to people and I confess that I fall short every day..
Don't get me wrong here - I luvs my hu'band & I luvs my gran'babies but for me to luv them is for me to point out a little man who hung on 2 sticks of wood & taking every evil thing and every horror I've only thought in the back recesses of my brain - forgetting those alone that I had the courage to speak, much less do...He took all of that into Himself and not needing to - suffered the wrath and anger and hatred for all the "wrongs/sins/filth no matter how big (think rapist, murderer of small children) or how small (think of this law from God the Father "obey your father & mother" - I personally lose out on that one every time) dying from a broken heart - NEVER before separated from His Father's love - to be cast down in to the pits of hell BUT and here comes the really-truly-incredible-awe-inspiring-OMG - He, perfect once again raised up BECAUSE He left everything filthy & nasty in the pits of hell. God raised him to sit at His right hand constantly a reminder that all had been done to save all those who hear and with that as their reality - grow in faith, love and a true experience with the One who paid the price for their salvation! He did that for me and He did that for you too.

All I can say is "Thank you - Thank you - Thank you" to my Heavenly Father - My Daddy

See, I'm not a Bible-thumpin' "other gal"...I'm a Jesus Loves Me this I know 'cuz He loves you too!


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